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LMA (License Management App)

Knowledge Article Number 000181629
License Management App (LMA)
Available in:  Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer editions
Resolution LMA
The License Management App (LMA) can be used to apply licensing to your managed package to control how many users in the installer's organization can access your package and for how long. Every time your package is installed, a lead record is created in the LMA. You can use this information to contact the prospect and try to convert the lead to a customer, or to tell them about updates to your applications

About Leads
When an installer installs a managed package, a lead is automatically created in the LMO. The lead contains the installer's name, company, and email address. The lead source defaults to Package Installation.

This information is important because it links the license to an actual Salesforce user that you can contact to notify about upgrades. If an installer uninstalls the package from his or her organization, a customer retention specialist for the developer's organization may want to contact the installer. Additionally, if there is an upgrade for a particular package, a license manager might want to mass email all installers with that package to let them know that an upgrade is available.

Each LMO should have a lead manager that is responsible for following up on all leads associated with licenses. When a new lead is created as a result of someone installing a package from AppExchange, the Lead Owner field on the lead record defaults to the lead manager specified for the package. If there is no lead manager specified for a package, the lead owner defaults to the License Manager.

About Packages
Packages in the LMA refer to managed packages that have been uploaded to AppExchange. On AppExchange, these packages are referred to as apps, regardless of what components they contain. Each package has one or more package versions, for which there can be multiple licenses. A Developer Edition organization can only contain one managed package at a time, but an LMO can manage multiple packages from multiple developers.

Click the Packages tab to display all the packages that a user has recently viewed. To view all packages that the LMO manages, select All from the list view. You can click a package name to view details including release date, latest version, owner, and developer name.

Package Details
From the Packages tab, click a package name to view package details. The package detail page contains information on the package, as well as relevant related lists. In the Package Version related list, you can see all the uploaded and registered package versions on AppExchange. The package version object has a master-detail relationship with package object.

Important: Do not edit, delete, clone, or create packages or package versions. Do not delete, clone, or create licenses. These records are automatically created and contain important information for tracking the licenses and packages in the License Management App. They cannot be repopulated.

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