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Setting date/time value's timezone when importing via the SOAP API?

Knowledge Article Number 000181635
Description Is there a way to indicate the timezone that a datetime is in? So, I have a datetime in CST/CDT time. How do I indicate that to the SOAP API? We are utilizing a java based client tool to perform the import and it is unclear how the timezone is being determined on import. Can you assist us in specifying the correct timezone?
Resolution Specify the timezone in UTC in SOAP API call.
dateTimeDate/time values (timestamps). Fields of this type handle date/time values (timestamps), such as ActivityDateTime in the Event object or the CreatedDate, LastModifiedDate, or SystemModstamp in many objects. Regular dateTime fields are full timestamps with a precision of one second. They are always transferred in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time zone. In your client application, you might need to translate the timestamp to or from a local time zone.

If you specify a dateTime value in a query, you can filter on dateTime fields only.

Development tools differ in the way that they handle time data. Some development tools report the local time, while others report only the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time zone. To determine how your development tool handles time values, refer to its documentation.

Link to this documentation: Primitive Data Types.

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