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View opportunity details of partner accounts on Account detail page

Knowledge Article Number 000181638
The original request was to show related opportunity details in the partner related list of the  Account however as under Edit Page Layout / Related List Properties of Partners / only Account object fields are available.
A possible workaround for showing the opportunity fields is to create a custom button/link to a filtered report based on 'Opportunities with Partners' standard record type filtered by the partner account.

Step 1:  Click on Reports tab / new report /please select Report Type: Opportunities with Partners / Create.

Step 2 : Show all opportunities .

Step 3: Date range: all time .

Step 4: Add filter: Partner - equals - leave it blank which should look like Partner equals ""  in the query .

Step 5: Save and run report .

Step 6: Copy the 15 digit ID of the report.

Step 7: Go to Setup / App setup / Customize / Accounts / Buttons, Links, and Actions / new button. 

Step 8: Fill in the label, name, and choose the display type and behavior.

Step 9: Content Source: URL, use the url code: /"id of the report"?pv0={!Account.Name} if the link of your report is , The url is:   /xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?pv0={!Account.Name} 

Step 10: Setup / App setup / Customize / Accounts / Page Layouts / Edit / put the button/link on the page Layout / Save

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