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Behavior of Opportunities with Products (Opportunity Line Items) report type

Knowledge Article Number 000181646
The standard report types called "Opportunities with Products" and "Opportunities with Products and Schedules" do not follow the same behavior as many of our other standard report types. Normally, a report type with this naming scheme would require that a Product (Opportunity Line Item) has been associated with any Opportunity displayed on the results of the report.
This is not the case for this report type:
The results of this report will include both Opportunities with and without associated Products (Opportunity Line Items). The Opportunities with line items will display the applicable information from the line item records. The opportunities lacking of an attached product will simply show the product information as blank.

Resolution The "Has Products" field can be employed to narrow the scope of the report using a true or false value or a Cross filter "Opportunities with products" can be added to the report.

For further information about cross filters, please refer to the article "Create a Cross Filter"

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