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Email-to-Case: Error(s) encountered while processing - NULL Body

Knowledge Article Number 000181648
Description Email to Case sometimes generates bounce back emails with "NULL" content.
From: [] 
Sent: 10 June 2013 22:32
To: SFDC Admin
Subject: Email-to-Case: Error(s) encountered while processing
The following errors were encountered while processing an incoming email:
LIMIT_EXCEEDED : A loop was detected in Email-to-Case processing
From: ********************************* (null)
Sent: Mon Jun 10 21:31:22 GMT 2013
To: ******************************************
Subject: TEST 
Resolution This usually happens when automated emails are sent to the Email to Case address.

The Email to Case algorithm looks at subject, sender and body to detect looping. After receiving more than 15 emails within 60 seconds with those fields matching, we will prevent additional emails from creating cases.

Workaround would be to make sure that the emails which are generated should either have a unique subject or unique body to prevent this from happening.

Also see - How to prevent Email to Case Looping Conditions

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