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Buddy Media - Asset Library - Available Folders

Knowledge Article Number 000181664
What folders are available in the asset library? Can they be customized?

My Personal Folder is a private folder for that each user that has access to the asset library has by default. The personal folder and its contents cannot be viewed by other users in the same Buddy Media channel.

All other folders in the Asset Library exist for your channel, clients, social accounts, tabs, and tab versions. You can access any client, social account, tab, and tab version version folders that you have Manage Assets permission for.  Any users that have Manage Assets permission for any of the same clients, social accounts, tabs, and tab versions can also access the same folders. New or custom folders cannot be added to the asset library. Existing folders cannot be renamed or deleted. 

Channel admins can view if users in their Buddy Media channel have Manage Assets permission by following these steps:

1. Log in to your Buddy Media channel.
2. Go to Your name | Admin | Users. 
3. Click the user's name in the list of available users.
4. Under Access & Permissions, select the Groups tab.
5.  Click the gear next to each group to view the user's permissions. Manage Permissions is selected for any asset library folders the user can access.

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