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Object is not visible under "Create New" Sidebar component

Knowledge Article Number 000181701
Description Customer is unable to see the Object under the "Create New" Sidebar component for quick creation of records. Although previously the object was available in the side bar.
Resolution Objects inside the "Create New" Sidebar component only appears if they are included in the personal list of tabs shown.

You can customize personal tabs by performing the following steps:
  1. Click on Setup.
  2. Go to Personal Setup> My Personal Information.
  3. Click on Change My Display.
  4. Click on Customize My Tabs.
  5. Choose respective Custom App where in the Object is missing.
  6. Choose missing object from available tabs.
  7. Click on Add that will add the object to the Selected Tabs.
  8. Click on Save.
  • This will make the object to be available in the "Create New" Sidebar component.
Alternative click path is

1. Your name (top right hand side) >> My Settings >> Display and Layout
2. Follow from Step 4 as mentioned above

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