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Manage Topic Profiles in the Analysis Dashboard

Knowledge Article Number 000181715
Super Users can view and export lists of active and deactivated Topic Profiles from the Analysis Dashboard. You can also monitor the Client Usage Summary within your Radian6 Organization to ensure the number of active Topic Profiles and Estimated Monthly Volume (EMV) stay within your limit.

Access your Radian6 Organization's Topic Profile information from the Configuration tab of the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard. You'll be able to view your usage compared to your actual products purchased (Topic Profiles, EMV, Users). The Client Usage Summary Details are available in the "Topic Profiles" and "Client Details" tabs. More information is available in the Topic Profile User Guide on the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard Quick Start.

View or export a list of all active and deactivated Topic Profiles


1. Log in to the Analysis Dashboard with your Radian6 username and password.
2. Click Configuration.
3. Click Client Details.
4.  Under "Client Details," click List All Topic Profiles.

Click the heading row of any of the columns to sort the list. For example, click Status to group active Topic Profiles together or EMV to show the Topic Profiles with the highest EMV at the top of the list.

5. To export the list of Topic Profiles, click Export to CSV.  

The export includes the Topic Profile name, owner, visibility, date created, end date, days of historical data, status, and the Estimated Monthly Volume for each Topic Profile

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