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Updating Content Author Using Data Loader

Knowledge Article Number 000181742
Description I need to change the listed Author for many Content files.  Can this be done with Data Loader? 
Resolution Yes, Content ownership can be updated via the API using Data Loader. Your csv file would need two columns with the following headers:

ID - Reflects the record ID of each file
OwnerID - Reflects the User ID of the new Author
  • Launch Data Loader (version 17 or later)
  • Select "Update"
  • Select "Show all Salesforce objects"
  • Select "Content(Document)"
  • Select "Browse"
  • Select your csv file
  • Select "Open"
  • Select "Next"
  • Select "OK" after receiving confirmation regarding number of rows in file
  • Select "Create or Edit a Map"
  • Select "Auto-Match Fields to Columns"
  • Select "OK"
  • Select "Next"
  • Select "Browse" to specify where to save the success and error files
  • Select "Finish"
  • Select "Yes" to confirm you'd like to proceed

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