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Why are opportunities not showing up in forecasts when using Territory Management?

Knowledge Article Number 000181796
Description My organization is using Territory Management.  I have created an opportunities and I would like to know why they are not showing up in my forecasts?
Resolution This information applies to Customizable Forecasts and not to collaborative Forecasts or Forecasts (Classic).

In the org which has territory management enabled, the opportunity will appear in forecasts only if it is assigned to a territory. Forecasts are based on opportunity territory assignments in organizations that have Territory Management enabled.

Steps to make the opportunity available in forecast:

1. Add the "territory" field to your appropriate opportunity page layouts

2. Make sure the "territory" field is visible from field level security

3. Update that "territory" field on opportunities, and confirm that the opportunities are now forecasting in the expected forecast periods for the territories assigned.

Further information on Territory Management can be found in our help docs below:

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