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Lookup Search issues on Chatter Group Owner Change

Knowledge Article Number 000181820
Description Users may report search inconsistencies on the Lookup on Chatter Group ownership change.

It only works when either the First Name or the Last Name is typed, but not Last Name and First Name.

You can only search with 'either' the first or the last names of a user when trying to change ownership of a Chatter Group. This poses problems when there are multiple users with the same first or last names. 
Resolution The reason you can search only with the First or Last name and not the full name, is because the lookup is not looking up to the 'Name' field. The lookup is limited only to those members who are a part of the group, hence it looks up to a field called 'Group Member Name'. 

The First and Last Names are individual fields and are indexed, so searches with either of them will retrieve results. The Group Member name is possibly like a formula field, which cannot be searched entirely. 

The search for names on Contacts, Accounts and/or Cases is different than the search for names on Chatter Groups, since both the fields are different. 

The field name on Contacts, Accounts and/or Cases to identify Names is : Name 
The field name on Chatter Groups to identify Names is: Group Member Name. 

This feature is working as designed. 

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