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Knowledge Article Number 000181840
Description Leads object
Typical use case would be to reflect industry values such as SIC codes or NAICS codes from the D&B Company object. This gives the ability to see field values directly on the lead object rather than navigating to the D&B Company object.

Accounts object
Standard account fields can be limited when looking at the D&B fields that delivers. This ability will let you reference specific fields that you need visible on the account layout from the D&B Company Object. For example you can reflect the Global Ultimate Business Name or Global Number of Employees on the account layout for quick reference.
Resolution Requirements
Must have the D&B Company Object enabled through a license of Premium.

Creating a Custom Account or Lead Field that References a D&B Company Field
  1. From Setup, click Customize > Account (or Lead) > Fields.
  2. In the Custom Fields & Relationships related list, click Create New.
  3. For Data Type, select Formula. Click Next.
  4. In the Field Label field, enter the name of your new custom field. Consider referring to the  D&B Company field you want to reference.
  5. For Formula Return Type, select Text. Click Next.
  6. Click Advanced Formula.
  7. Click Insert Field. Select Account (or Lead) > D&B Company, and select the D&B Company field you want to reference. Click Insert.
  8. Click Check Syntax.
  9. Select the option you want for handling blank fields.
  10. Click Next and set field-level security if needed.
  11. Click Next and accept the default to add the field to your page layouts.
  12. Click Save. Look for the field on the page layout for the object you added it to.

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