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A new External Id is being created everytime an existing article updated and published

Knowledge Article Number 000181845
Description Why does an article's External Salesforce ID changes whenever I update an existing article and publish it even without flagging it as a "New Version" while the Record ID of the Article and the Article Number remains the same.
Resolution The Record ID is a 15 Digit ID of the record while the external Salesforce ID is an 18 Digit ID.

Whenever an existing article is updated and published again, the Record ID and the Article ID remains the same but the 18 Digit External Salesforce ID changes. This is a standard behavior. 

That's because even if you are not marking the article as a new version, in order to keep a record of the original article, Salesforce will save a copy of the old version in its servers and the original External ID of the article will help in tracing it. Thus, a new External ID is created for the updated Article and the previous External ID is still associated with the original Article which is stored in our servers.

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