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How to identify read or read / write access for shared folders via Data Loader

Knowledge Article Number 000181863
Description When enhanced sharing for report and dashboards is enabled, the access of report folders shared with read/write access is changed to view.  System Administrators will need to change the sharing access from View to Edit to allow the Users to save into the folders.

The Data Loader may be used to identify the shared report folders.

The steps to do this are;

1. Open the Data Loader and select Export

2. Log into the Data Loader

3. Mark the "Show all Salesforce objects" and select the object "Folder"

4. Enter the name for the .CSV export file and click Next

5. Select the columns you wish to include in the export

6. Add the clause WHERE AccessType = 'Shared' AND Type = 'Report'

7. Click Finish

Here is a link to our Developer documentation for more information about the Folder object;

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