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Is it possible to customize the "My Tasks" component on Home Page Layouts?

Knowledge Article Number 000181965
Description Currently is not possible to customize the "My Tasks" Home Page Component but there is a possible workaround.
Resolution Unfortunately Salesforce does not currently support the ability to customize the columns that display as part of the "My Tasks" component on a Home Page Layout.
Some enhancements have been delivered already:

There is a feature request on the IdeaExchange for this functionality:

Additionally, as a workaround, you could create a Custom Link to a Task List View:
1. From your Home page, click any Task to pull up the Task details.
2.  Click the "List View" icon.
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3.  Copy the URL from your browser (it's going to be something like:
4.  Navigate to Setup | Customize | Home | Home Page Components.
5.  Click the Edit link next to the Custom Links component in the Standard Components section.
6.  In Bookmark type the name you want (e.g. "Activities") and then paste the link from step 3 above into the URL, then click Save.
7.  Navigate to Setup | Customize | Home | Home Page Layouts, and edit the Home Page Layout(s) you want to use.
8.  Check the "Custom Links" checkbox in the "Select Narrow Components to Show" section and click Save.  
Optional: You could uncheck the "Tasks" checkbox in the "Select Wide Components to Show" if you no longer require this option.

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