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Will my Salesforce-to-Salesforce (S2S) connections in Production copy over when I refresh my Sandbox?

Knowledge Article Number 000181979
Unfortunately, re-creating a new connection is required in a Sandbox after it's refreshed. This is because Salesforce manages an Org ID internally and the refreshed Sandbox will be assigned a new Org ID upon refresh.
While the Connection will need to be reestablished upon refresh, the Published Objects can use Connection Templates to alleviate some of the work required in remapping the Objects and Fields.
Also note that the Subscribed Objects have an auto-mapping feature which may also assist when recreating the Connection. 
Important Notes: 
Change Sets do not support Connection Templates
S2S setup may not be saved or exported from a Sandbox
S2S setup may not be transferred from Sandbox to Production
The Connection should be made "deactive" prior to copy as this may result in the Connection Status becoming stuck in "Stopping" mode. Salesforce can't successfully deactivate these since the Org ids are no longer valid.
Further Information:
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