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LMA :Track license records for package installation in sandbox org's

Knowledge Article Number 000181983
License records for package installations in sandbox org's starting Summer 14 release
Resolution Starting Summer 14, a new version of LMA V1.15 has been release to all the License Management Org's. This version has a feature that allows partners to track licenses for sandbox installations.

Starting Summer 14, LMA creates licenses for sandbox installations. In order to differentiate the licenses for sandbox installations from those that are for production installations, you must add the custom checkbox field 'sandbox ' on 'license' object to the license record  page layout. 

Note that sandbox LMA license still defaults to free and site wide. The LMA manager can modify the license if they so choose but regardless of what the defaults are it will always show as "free and site wide" when first installed.

This feature mentioned above was rolled out as a result of idea that has been voted by many partners : 

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