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Why users are getting duplicate record list views in Org?

Knowledge Article Number 000182084
Description When we deploy the list views from Org to Org sometimes it will show the duplicate entries in record list view. This is strange behavior of salesforce while deploying List views

When we deploy List views from one Org to another org using change set sometimes the record list views shows duplicate entries in drop down list. However the deployment process does not create the duplicate list views.

The users who are having the "Manage Public List Views" will not get this issue.

The users who are not having this permission will face this issue, to resolve this we need to give "Manage Public List Views" permission to the affected users on their profiles.

Following is the path to assign permission:

  • Find affected users in the Org.
  • Go To -> Your Name -> Setup -> Administrative Setup -> Click on Users
  • You will have List of Users, find the affected users Or the users who you want to give the above permission from list.
  • Click on the User Name.
  • Search for the Profile on the User Detail Page Click on the Profile Name.
  • Click on Edit Button on Profile detail page.
  • Search for the "Manage Public List Views" permission and Enable the checkbox to assign the permission.
  • Click on Save.

Note: The Users having "Manage Public List Views" permission on their profile will able to Create, Edit and Delete operations on List views in the Org.

 For any reason if this permission do not want to distribute to affected users as per business functionality, the following workaround can be executed by user who is having "Manage Public List Views" permission.

  • Click on Edit button on the duplicate list view name and save it again without any modification. This will remove the duplicate entry of that List view name.

Perform the same operation to all duplicated List views.

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