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How do I remove the "Create New..." section from the Sidebar on all Tabs?

Knowledge Article Number 000182091
Description How can the "Create New..." section be removed from the left side of the Salesforce page on every Tab?
Resolution The steps to remove the "Create New..." section in the Sidebar on all Tabs are as follows:

You must first customize the User Interface:
1. Click on:
Setup| Customize| User Interface
2. Check the "Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages" checkbox
3. Click "Save"
Note: Those steps ensure that the system will stop showing just the standard components and can show the just the ones we select on the Home Page Layout Components.

You will then need to edit the Home Page Layout Components:

1. Click on:
 Setup| Customize| Home| Home Page Layouts| Click on the Page Layout necessary | Edit
2. Uncheck the "Create New..." checkbox in the "Select Narrow Components to Show" section
3. Click "Save"
Note: The "Select Narrow Components to Show" section allows for the specific component to not only be taken off of the Home Page Layout, but the Layout for all Tabs.

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