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Buddy Media - ReachBuddy - Whitelisting URLs to Display Canvases

Knowledge Article Number 000182115
Description Can I restrict which websites can display my ReachBuddy canvas?
Resolution Yes. ReachBuddy canvases can have whitelisted URLs to specify which domains can display the canvas content. If the Whitelisted URLs box is left blank, the canvas can be displayed on any domain. If you are entering URLs to be whitelisted, be sure to list all domains that need to display the canvas. If there is a domain that is missing, the canvas content will not display on the omitted domain.


To whitelist a domain

1. Log in to the Buddy Media Suite. 
2. Select ReachBuddy.
3. Click the canvas name.
4. Click Settings in the top menu. 
5. Enter the domains to be whitelisted in the Whitelisted URLs box. 

Enter the Whitelisted URLs using the following format:
  • * to include all subdomains and protocols
  • *// to include all protocols
6. Click Save

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