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Buddy Media - ReachBuddy - Displaying Canvas Content in Another Language

Knowledge Article Number 000182116
Description I need to display my ReachBuddy canvas in another language. Is this possible?
Resolution Yes. By default, ReachBuddy canvas content displays in English. However, you can change the content to display in one of the other 32 languages that is supported.

BulgarianFrench (Worldwide)JapaneseSlovenian
Chinese (Simplified)GermanKoreanSpanish (Worldwide)
Chinese (Traditional)GreekMalaySwedish
CzechHindiPortuguese (Brazil)Turkish

Important Note

Sapplet text will display in the language selected when the canvas is posted on a website.  Any content you enter into sapplet text fields (for example, a poll question) must be entered in the desired language.

To change the canvas language setting

1. Log in to the Buddy Media Suite.
2. Select ReachBuddy. 
3. Select the ReachBuddy canvas.
4. Click the Settings tab.
5. Select the language in the Language Settings drop down menu at the bottom of the page.
6. Click Save. 


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