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How long did an asynchronous job take to execute?

Knowledge Article Number 000182132
Using the AsyncApexJob table, you can see how long asynchronous jobs (e.g., future, sharing calculations, batch apex, etc.) took to
complete from the time that they were created.
Developer Doc about AsyncApexJob
You can utilize the CreatedDate column of the AsyncApexJob table to verify when a job was created and the CompletedDate to determine when it completed.
This will help immensely for seeing how long asynchronous jobs took to run. You can utilize the JobType column to filter depending on the type of asynchronous job. 
Additionally, it's worth noting that the server times here are in GMT, so a user firing off a job at 6:57 p.m. PST is going to have a 01:57 a.m. GMT time entry in this table.
Taking this into account, you should be able to see the job in question within the table. Here is an example query that takes just such a time into account:
SELECT ApexClassId,CompletedDate,CreatedById,CreatedDate,ExtendedStatus,Id,JobItemsProcessed,JobType,LastProcessed,
LastProcessedOffset,MethodName,NumberOfErrors,ParentJobId,Status,TotalJobItems FROM AsyncApexJob
WHERE jobtype = 'BatchApex' and createddate > 2013-08-10T01:57:00.000Z ORDER BY createddate asc LIMIT 100 

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