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Verisign trust seal for a * site

Knowledge Article Number 000182152
Description VeriSign, Inc. is an American Company, which has been undertaken by Symantec, creates a trust seal for your site which works as an ONGOING PROTECTION FOR YOUR SITE by :-

1. Verifying 
2. Authenticating and
3. Confirming
Adding a VeriSign Trust Seal to a * site in Salesforce:-

It's currently not allowed to add a seal to a site.

Among other reasons, one is that salesforce reserves the right to change the certificate authority of the SSL certificates at any time. If they do this, you may be using a site seal that is no longer correct.


VeriSign Trust Seal shows your site visitors that your identity and web site have been 
verified by the leader in online security. We do that by:
  • Verifying your business, organization, or individual identity using established  and proven procedures. 
  • Authenticating that the domain (how your web site is registered) is owned or controlled by the verified account. 
  • Confirming that the web site has passed a daily malware scan. 
Any organization or business that has a web site can benefit from using VeriSign 
Trust Seal. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, the VeriSign Trust Seal is 
ideal for:
  • Ecommerce sites using third-party shopping cart or payment solutions.
  • Local businesses and professional services providers.
  • Ad supported sites that want to increase conversions and referrals.
  • Blogs, wikis, or other informational sites that need to establish trust.


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