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Error during change set deployment: No remoted actions found to resolve '$RemoteAction.ClassA.fillAddress'

Knowledge Article Number 000182154
Issue : 
Error during change set deployment: 
"No remoted actions found to resolve '$RemoteAction.ClassA.fillAddress'"

This error occurs when we deploy the Visualforce page (which included JS remoting) and associated controller together.

Note: ClassA  is assumed to be a controller associated to the page and "filladdress" is the JS remoting method in it.
Workaround 1:-
Deploy the class and Visualforce Page separately.
Workaround 2:-
Move the "filladdress" JS remoting method into a separate class and make it global.
ClassA(original class) and classB (which contains JS remoting method).
Modify the JS remoting  reference in Visualforce page as  '$RemoteAction.ClassB.fillAddress' .

Now, Deploy both the classes along with the Visualforce page using change set. 

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