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Buddy Media - ReachBuddy - Editing the Width of a ReachBuddy Canvas

Knowledge Article Number 000182246
Description After creating my ReachBuddy canvas, can I change the canvas width if I would like to display in a different size on my website?
Resolution Yes. The width of a ReachBuddy canvas can be changed after creating the canvas by editing the canvas settings. 

To change the width of a ReachBuddy canvas

1. Open ReachBuddy in your Buddy Media channel.
2. Locate and click on the name of your canvas in the list of available canvases.
3. Click the Settings tab.
4. Select the new canvas width under Choose a template size. You can use a custom size by entering the size in the OR use a custom width field.
Note: Only enter a number in the custom width field. Do not enter any special characters or spaces. Canvas width is measured in pixels (px) so entering a number is sufficient for specifying the width. 
5. Click Save.
6. Click Publish Now or Schedule Publish to have the changes reflected on your website. 

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