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Buddy Media - ReachBuddy - External Preview Link

Knowledge Article Number 000182250
Description Can a ReachBuddy canvas be previewed by someone that is not a Buddy Media user before the canvas is published live on a website?
Resolution Yes. An external ReachBuddy canvas preview link is available in the canvas settings that can be supplied to someone that is not a Buddy Media user. The preview link will allow someone to review saved canvas changes before they are published live on a website. Edits made to the canvas will be reflected in the preview link. The preview link can be located in ReachBuddy by any Buddy Media user in your channel that has permission to view canvases.


To locate the canvas preview link

1. Open ReachBuddy in your Buddy Media channel.
2. Locate and click on the name of your canvas in the list of available canvases.
3. Click the Settings tab.
4. The preview link is located under External Preview.

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