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Buddy Media - ReachBuddy - Organizing Canvases using Favorites and Folders

Knowledge Article Number 000182252
Description Is it possible to access frequently used canvases quickly without searching through the list of all of my canvases?

Favorites and Folders allow you to customize how you organize your canvases. Canvases that are either favorited or added to folders will still appear in the All canvases list. 

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Using Favorites  is an easy way to organize your  frequently used ReachBuddy canvases. Clicking the star next to a canvas name (turning the star from grey to yellow) favorites the canvas and acts like a bookmark. Choose Favorites on the left sidebar under My Library to view all starred canvases. Favorites are unique to each user. To remove the a canvas from Favorites, click on the yellow star to remove the star. 
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Folders are another way you can customize how your canvases are organized. Please note that you can only view folders that you create. 

To create a folder

1. Click  +Add Folder under My Folder  in the left  sidebar in ReachBuddy. 
2. Enter a name into the text field.
3. Add canvases to it by clicking on the three bars next to the canvas and dragging them into the folder .

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To remove a canvas from a folder, click the X  to the right of the canvas name in the folder and select Remove from Collection

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