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Visualforce page embedded in page layout are not displaying in Firefox browser

Knowledge Article Number 000182262
From time to time users can encounter an issue with a Visualforce sub-pages embedded in an object's page layout. Visualforce section shows blank instead of content from the VF page.
This problem happens when you have Disabled 3rd party cookies in your Firefox (this is disabled by default).
In order to resolve this problem you have to add an exception for the root salesforce instance itself (e.g. If you deny 3rd party cookies by default and have no exceptions, you will get a blank subpage. 
Once you have added the root exception, you also have to add the subpage to that list.
You can find the exception list by following the below instructions(Windows):
1. Click on Firefox Settings

2. From the drop-down list choose "Options" | "Options"

3. Choose Privacy Tab

4. Next go to History section of that Tab

5. You will find a drop-down list next to "Firefox will:" 

6. From that list choose "Use custom settings for history" and  History section will have more options.

7. Click on "Exceptions" button. Opens a popup, which allows to add Websites

8. Insert your instance domain address and click on "Allow"

9. This will add the exception. You will need to repeat previous step for any additional subdomain name you would like to add.

10. Once you finish click on "Close" and "OK" to close all setup windows and return to your web browser main window.

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