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Native Live Agent - Why don't I see all of my Quick Text options when using ;; in the chat text box?

Knowledge Article Number 000182273
Description While chatting with a visitor, I type ;; in the chat text box, however not all the quick text options are displayed or showing, why is this?
Resolution Using ;; in Live Agent in the Service Cloud Console is only intended to be a way to search quick text. This is what makes quick text, quick.

The few that show up initially are the most recently used by the user/agent. To see additional messages, type a word or phrase.  

It is currently not designed to show all of the quick text records the company has available, instead it only searches and/or displays the five (5) most recently used QT records. There is no way to increase the number of quick texts that can be displayed when using ;; at this time as it is applicable for all editions 

Users can review the available quick text records from the quick text tab, or alternatively an administrator can create a custom report type, so the users can create a report to see the available options. Note: you may need to change your OWD sharing settings for the quick text object, so users can review them.

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