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Deliverability options and email bounces - NDRs

Knowledge Article Number 000182367
Description Email Security Compliance options modify the header of mail to show the Salesforce bounce syntax to the senders email address so mails are not returned to the original senders email address but to the Salesforce bounce address in the header.

Here, Salesforce composes a mailer-daemon response to the original senders email address.  Without bounce management activated and "Return bounced emails to sender" checked .
End users sending emails will not get their bounces to their email address.
Resolution In Salesforce email setup there are 2 options for getting bounce back mails for undelivered mail sent from Salesforce to Contacts, Leads etc delivered to your email address

Use bounce management with the "Return bounced emails to sender' check box checked.


Ensure the "Email Security Compliance" options are turned off.  

  To enable Bounce management see: Configuring Deliverability Settings

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