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How can Connected Apps block a specific device type

Knowledge Article Number 000182396
Description The security around how users obtain access to the Connected Apps i.e. Salesforce1, SFO, Chatter Desktop   has changed.

Within each given Connected App entry under the OAUTH policies is a Permitted Users selection. This determines how users/devices are allowed to obtain an OAUTH session for the Connected App.

NOTE: Keep in mind that sandbox orgs will NOT auto-install Connected Apps entries for the Native Mobile and Desktop clients.
Resolution The selections are as follows:

-> Disallowed platforms will be set to “Admin approved users are pre-authorized”.

-> Allowed platforms will have respective apps set to "All users may self authorize".

-> Default for NEW orgs will be All users may self-authorize

It is important to note that ALL settings from the previous release and  prior per application security will be maintained and carried over into the new Connected Apps settings.

NOTE: iPhone and iPad devices are now linked under the Salesforce1 for iOS Connected App. Android is under Salesforce1 for Android.

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