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Post Counts are not the same in the Radian6 API and Analysis Dashboard Widgets

Knowledge Article Number 000186497
If you build a Radian6 API Call to replicate a Widget in the Analysis Dashboard, you'll notice differences in the number of posts each method shows if there are differences in how they're configured. There are some common areas where a Widget's configuration is different than that of an API call.
Common reasons why post count results are different in Analysis Dashboard Widgets and the Radian6 API include:

Time zone differences

Widgets in the Radian6 Dashboard use your computer timezone to display data and the API returns data in GMT. Therefore, the time frame represented in results is not the same if your computer time zone is not set to GMT. This could result in a lower or higher post count in your Widget. For closer results, set your computer time zone to GMT.

Different configuration

If your Widget is not configured in the same way that your API Call is configured, you may not receive similar results. Common differences include:
  • A keyword group is selected in the Widget, but not in the API Call.
  • Different media types are selected.
  • The Widget uses a date range, but the API Call uses recentXhours.

Review the Radian6 API documentation for further guidance on configuring your API Calls.

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