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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Deleting Post Tags

Knowledge Article Number 000186501
Description Can a post tag be removed after it has been applied to a post?
Resolution A post tag can be deleted from a post after it is applied. If a post tag is added and deleted from the post, the actions will appear in the post's audit trail in the River of News Workflow.

Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Post Tag Audit Trail

To delete a post tag from the River of News Workflow

1. Open a River of News widget that contains the post with the post tag applied.
2. Click Workflow.
3. Locate the post that contains the post tag you want to delete. 
4. Click Notes/Tags next to the post. 
5. Click the next to the post tag you would like to delete. 

Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Post Tag Feedback

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