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Error messages in the Daily Error Digest for Radian6 for Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000186543
Daily Error Digests contain the Radian6 for Salesforce errors that occurred in your Salesforce Organization in the last 24 hours. You are sent a Daily Error Digest for the first error that's experienced that day right away. Any additional errors that happen that day are sent in one email later. If your Salesforce Organization that's set up for the Radian6 for Salesforce Integration doesn't receive any errors that day, a daily error digest is not sent for that day.
The Daily Error Digest includes errors that you receive when you try to create a social post or case from Radian6 for Salesforce. It shows why some of the Salesforce objects were not created because of a Salesforce customization or other reasons such as Triggers and Validation Rules. Some common errors include:
  • Twitter not following: You'll receive this message if you attempt to send a Direct Message (DM) to someone you do not follow.
  • Can not comment, object to comment on not visible: You'll receive this message if the Facebook account that registers your Facebook pages has denied Third Party Applications access. More information is available here.

Daily Error Digests are sent to the Administrator email address listed in your Radian6 for Salesforce package configuration. View and update the Administrator email address in your configuration following these steps:

1. Log in to your Salesforce Organization that has the Radian6 for Salesforce package installed.
2. Go to Setup | Installed Packages | Radian6 for Salesforce Package | Configure | Package Configuration.
3. The Administrator email is listed by "Administrator Email." 

-Proceed to the next step if you want to update the Administrator email address.

4. Click Edit.
5. Enter the new email address. 
6. Click Save

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