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Add Email envelope icon is missing from the Salesforce for Outlook in the Side Panel

Knowledge Article Number 000186553
Description ISSUE
The small Add email envelope icon User-added imageis not visible in the Side Panel

The Add Email option is not enabled for your organization

1- Login to salesforce org with an administrator account
Click on your Name | Setup or Setup then navigate to Administration Setup | Desktop Administration | Outlook Configuration

3- Click Edit next to the configuration for the user who is experiencing this issue.
User-added image

4- Make sure the Add Email box is checked. To see the Add Email envelope in side panel both side panel and Add Email should be checked.

Keep in mind that this would affect all the users assigned to this Configuration.

5- Now when you launch the Outlook and Salesforce For Outlook program. You should see the Add Email envelope. 

User-added image

If the Add Email option is not check, you would not see the envelope icon in the Side Panel. 

User-added image

You see below that the envelope is missing.

User-added image

Please also see the following Knowledge Base Article: 
Salesforce for Outlook: Envelope icon is missing from the SFO Side Panel for Adding Emails

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