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Why can't a delegated approver see anything in the Items to approve list?

Knowledge Article Number 000186559
Description The checkbox on the approval process "The approver's delegate may also approve this request" is checked, and the user has access to the record, however a delegated approver can`t see anything in the Items to approve list in the home page. We need to use following workaround to see the list of pending approval records.
Resolution Only users directly assigned as approvers may see the records in the Items to approve list.  During creation of approval process, if the option “The approver's delegate may also approve this request" was selected, the records will not be listed in items to approve section. To view these records we need to use the workaround as below.


Receiving Approval Request Emails for Delegated Approvers:
  • Go to the delegate approver User's detail page and click on Edit.
  • Change the Receive Approval Request Emails pick list to if I am an approver or delegated approver.
  • This will allow the delegated approver to get an email sent whenever there is a record in the approval process for which he is the delegated approver.
​Creating a list view for the records in the approval process:
  • Create a checkbox field on the object for approval and make it read only to users.
  • Make a Field Update on Initial Submission of the Approval Process to check the box (The box will be checked whenever a record would be in the process).
  • Make sure to create another Field Update upon Final Approval/Rejection/Recall so that once record exit the process, the box will not be checked.  
  • We can create a list view on the object (ex. Contracts) where the view criteria is Checkbox is equal true.
  • Now the delegate approver can see a list of records to approve in the newly created List view.

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