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Web tab/Link displays a blank page

Knowledge Article Number 000186571
When clicking a web tab, it doesn't display the content, rather, it displays a blank page. 

Resolution We don't recommend that you remove this mixed content blocking as the primary fix, as this can expose you to some serious security risks. There is information on how to do that below, but before disabling the mixed content block, try this workaround:

If your embedded Web tab or custom link is trying to deliver a site that contains mixed content, change its URL prefix to HTTPS in the tab or link details. If the embedded site has a valid security certificate, the site will then load.

You can also consider delivering the URL as a custom link with its behavior set to open in a new window or in an existing window without the sidebar or header.

As a last resort, to enable mixed content on your browser.

Mozilla Firefox 

1. Open Mozilla Firefox 
1. Type "about:config" in the address bar then press Enter.
2. Click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button.
3. Look for "security.mixed_content.block_active_content" and right click it click on Toggle and it should turn to false.
4. Close it and reload the page.


Google Chrome
1. When clicking a web tab shield icon will/might appear in the address bar.
2. Click on it, and select "Load Anyway" or "Load unsafe script". 
3. The URL in the address bar will show https crossed out to indicate that the page is not fully secure, but it will load the content.

Internet Explorer
1. Go to Internet Options >> Security
2. Click tab "custom level" 
3. Then scroll down to the Miscellaneous area, and enable "Display mixed content".
4. Click on OK.
5. You will need to restart IE.


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