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Error when a portal user tries to view the "Opportunity with Quote" report

Knowledge Article Number 000186588
Description Portal user receives "Insufficient Privileges" when viewing a report based on Opportunities and Quotes or opportunities with quotes and quote line items.

When the org wide sharing setting for an object is set to any value other than "Private", Partner and Customer Users will receive an "Insufficient Privileges" error when attempting to run reports that refer to that object.

Per the section "Allowing Portal Users to View the Reports Tab" under "Customizing Your Partner Portal Tabs" and "Customizing Your Customer Portal Tabs" in our Help & Training:

"Set the organization wide default sharing model to Private on objects you want portal users to report on."

To address the error, change the object's org wide sharing setting to Private under Setup | Security Controls | Sharing Settings. Then grant your users (portal and/or internal users) sharing to the object via sharing rules if necessary. This is not available on Quotes nor are Sharing Rules.

NOTE:  The Quote and Quote Line Item objects are "Controlled by Parent", therefore, these are not available for the creation of sharing rules on the objects themselves. Even though the Parent (Opportunity) is Private and could have a Sharing Rule allowing the Portal user to see the Parent object (Opportunity) and the child fields on the Quote in the Portal Tabs and List views, the Child Fields (Quote) will not be available to the report. This is due to the Report looking to the Sharing Rules and not finding a direct sharing table to Quotes.

The option is to remove all Quote fields from the report based on the custom report type (the standard report would not work). The user can view the report without the Quote fields. The underlying Standard Report Type Filtering is still in place so that they will see Opportunities that have Quotes. They can then refer back to the Opportunity to see the Quote from the related list on the detail page.

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