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Why do I see Apex jobs in Queued status on the "Apex Jobs" page?

Knowledge Article Number 000186598
Description My scheduled Apex jobs remain in Queued status on the Apex Jobs page. Why are they not firing?

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  • Starting Summer 13, scheduled jobs appear on the Apex Jobs page in addition to the Scheduled Jobs page.
  • By design, scheduled Apex jobs will always stays in the Queued status until the job has no NextFireTime, then it gets marked Completed, or if the job is aborted, then the AsyncApexJob row gets marked Aborted.
  • If it is a job that recurs indefinitely, then it will never get marked as Completed. It will only get marked completed if after running the execute method, the NextFireTime is changed to null.
  • Scheduled jobs can’t be aborted from the Apex Jobs page; use the Scheduled Jobs page to manage or delete scheduled jobs.
  • Even though a scheduled job appears on both the Apex Jobs and Scheduled Jobs pages, it counts only once against the asynchronous Apex execution limit.

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