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Radian6 - Insights- Retweeted Username Data Not Populating

Knowledge Article Number 000186604
Description Why am I receiving  'No Matching Posts'  when viewing retweeted usernames using Radian6 Insights?

Resolution Radian6 Free Insights has an option to view retweeted usernames. If there are not enough Twitter posts in the data you are filtering from, you will get a message that says "No matching insights for this widget's topic profile".

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This insight bases the data on Twitter posts only. For example, if a widget has 100 posts but only 30 are Tweets and of the 30 Tweets, only three are retweets, there is not enough data for the Insight to return content.


To view retweeted usernames using Radian6 Insights

1. Ensure that you have Radian6 Insights activated for your Topic Profile.
1. Log in to the Analysis Dashboard.
2. Go to Insights Manager
3. Select the Topic Profile you own from the Select Topic Profile drop down menu.
4. Locate Radian6 in the list of available insights packages.
5. Click Free Insight to activate.
2. Open a Topic Analysis widget.
3. Configure your Topic Analysis widget for the Topic Profile, keywords or topics, media types, and date range you want to review.
4. Click Done.
5. Click the bar or pie graph.
6.  Select Insights by Provider | Radian6 | Retweeted Usernames.
7. A second widget will open displaying the results for retweeted usernames.

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