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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Monitoring Hashtags

Knowledge Article Number 000186996
Description Can I monitor the volume of specific hashtags in the Analysis Dashboard?

You can track hashtag mentions in the Analysis Dashboard using:

Monitoring specific hashtags using keywords

Monitor specific hashtags using keywords entered in your Topic Profile configuration. Using this method will show the volume for the hashtags you choose.


To monitor specific hashtags using keywords

1. Enter one or more of your hashtags as  keywords in your Topic Profile configuration.

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2. Configure a Topic Analysis widget with a keyword search.

1. Select the Topic Profile with your hashtag included in the configuration.
2. Click Use Keywords
3. Enter a hashtag from your Topic Profile keyword configuration in Enter a keyword or keyword group label.
4. Click Add Query.

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5. Verify your search term  in the Query Builder.
6. Click Add Query.

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7. Repeat steps 3-6 for any additional hashtags you want to monitor. 
8. Select the date range and media types you want to review.
9. Click Done.

3. The hashtag post volume will appear in a bar or pie chart. If you entered multiple hashtags individually, the volume for each hashtag is displayed in an individual segment in the chart. 


Monitoring hashtags mentioned using Radian6 free insights

The Radian6 free insight Hashtags Mentioned allows you to review the most commonly mentioned hashtags for your Topic Profile configuration or the keyword search in your widget. You do not need hashtags in your Topic Profile configuration for this method.

To view hashtags mentioned using Radian6 free insights

1. Log in to the Analysis Dashboard.
2. Ensure that you have Radian6 free insights activated on your Topic Profile.
1. Go to Insights Manager.
2. Select the Topic Profile you own from the Select Topic Profile drop down menu.
3. Locate Radian6 in the list of available insights.
4. Click Free Insight to activate the Insight. 
3. Open a Topic Analysis widget.
4. Configure your Topic Analysis widget for the Topic Profile, keywords or topics, media types, and date range you want to review.
5. Click  Done.
6. Click the bar or pie graph.
7.  Select  Insights by Provider | Radian6 | Hashtags Mentioned.
8. A second widget will open displaying the top hashtags mentioned.

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