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Satisfaction surveys in Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000187086
I would like to know how we can create some custom surveys or perhaps purchase some type of Survey system that integrates with my Salesforce Org.
Resolution There's no standard functionality to use out-of-the-box, however, you can use third party applications that are built to provide this functionality.

AppExchange Apps  –
Please note that these options may come at an additional cost and are designed to meet certain specific needs and have expanded functionality that other options may not have. We encourage you to review these options to see which App best fits best you organization's business requirements.
Survey Force is a Lab app which comes as an “as is” application which comes at no additional cost that can be configured to send custom survey from Cases.  For customers on Enterprise Edition or above as well as Professional Edition customers who have purchased Workflow this App can be used in conjunction with a workflow rule to automatically send a survey to the Case Contact based on a defined set of criteria.  

**Please note that Salesforce Support does not provide technical support for the above products nor their integration to Salesforce. Please see the support pages provided on the providers listings above. 

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