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Session is invalid error in workbench

Knowledge Article Number 000187092
When someone logs into workbench, you are logged out immediately with this error: "An error has occurred and you have been logged out: 
Your Salesforce session is invalid or has expired. Please login again."
Resolution This happens when the following option is enabled in Security > Session Settings: "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated". This needs to be disabled to use workbench.

Here is the excerpt from workbench developer boards:

Workbench is running on Heroku, which distributes load across a fleet of "dynos" all which could have their own IP addresses, so when you login you are on a given dyno, but your next request might be on another one, so you are being logged out. It's a bit intermittent because there are (currently) four web dynos, so you have a 1/4 chance on each request to be booted out.

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