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All Day Event in Outlook synced to 2 different Days in Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000187106


User has creates an All-day Event in MS Outlook and synchronizes using Salesforce using Salesforce For Outlook (SFO).

The event gets synchronized to Salesforce calendar but not correctly. Instead of synchronizing as an All Day Event, it spans over 2 Days

Instead of the Event getting created in Salesforce from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM it gets created from 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM on one day and another from 12:00 - 5 PM

See image below

As you see the Test 1 All day event was created on April 24th in this example but after SFO synchronized it, it got created on the April 23rd and 24th

User-added image


The reason for this behavior is the Field Level Security (FLS) on the All Day Event field or the
All Day Event field mapping has been deleted from the Outlook Configuration



You must be a Salesforce Administrator to be able to check/change this setting.


Before you begin troubleshooting this issue, you need to clean up the wrong events from Salesforce Calendar. Login to Salesforce and remove all the events that were synchronized to different days from Salesforce Calendar. If you skip this step the events that are created in Salesforce spanning 2 days will sync back to Outlook and will create new additional events

Now that you cleaned up your Calendar you are ready to troubleshoot this issue.

As we stated earlier, this issue is related to the
All Day Event field being hidden or the SFO field mapping has been deleted for this field


Lets first check the Field Level Security for the All Day Event field on the Event Object.

If you have the Group or Professional Edition of Salesforce, you skip to STEP 2

You can use your browser to find out what edition of Salesforce you have. If you are using the Google Chrome browser you can mouse over the tab, wait a second or two, and the title text will show up in a little hover box. If you are using FireFox or Internet Explorer (IE) you can see it on the title bar

User-added image

1- Exit SFO
1- In Salesforce, navigate to  SETUP | CUSTOMIZE | ACTIVITIES | EVENTS FIELDS

2- Click on the All-Day Event field

3- Click on the Set Field-Level Security (FLS) button on top

4- Make sure the field is Visible for the affected user's profile.

** We do recommend having the field visible all the time for all profiles. You can control the field using the Page Layout and remove it from the page layout if you do not want it to be visible to certain profiles

5- Click on Save


If the FLS was already set to Visible for the affected user's profile skip to STEP 2 please


There is a default field mapping in Salesforce for the All-Day Event field for Salesforce for Outlook under Outlook Configuration. We need to make sure it still exist and is not deleted


1- In Salesforce, click on

2- Click Edit next to the configuration that the affected user is a part of

3- Scroll down to the Events section and click on Edit Field Mapping

4- Check to make sure the All-Day Event Salesforce field is mapped to Outlook AllDayEvent Field. If this field mapping does not exist, create it by selecting the field in Salesforce drop down first and then Outlook and click on Save


User-added image

5- Now rerun SFO and try sync again and your All Day Events in Outlook should sync correctly to your Salesforce Calendar correctly

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