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CTI 4.x (4.0x) adapter cannot connect after recent Chrome or Firefox updates

Knowledge Article Number 000187116
By default Chrome 30 with the latest patch of 10/4 and Firefox 23 now block mixed content. The means that in some situations CTI adapters based on the 4x toolkit will not connect to the browser.  The symptoms will be that clicking on the "Connect CTI Adapter" will not connect the adapter browser and call center.

Firefox 23 and above users: 
1. In the browser address bar type about:config and accept any prompts 
2. Search on "mixed" 
3. Set  the options below
4. Adjust these 3 settings as needed for your environment.
Chrome 30 and above with latest patches.
The quick fix is to click the mixed content icon in the address bar when logged into Salesforce and "Allow" mixed content.  This will remain in place for the duration of the session
For a more permanent fix.
1. Right click the Chrome shortcut on the desktop
2. Select properties and in the Shortcut tab add to the end of target      --allow-running-insecure-content
3. If users start Chrome from this shortcut the adapter will load just fine.

See also for more background around this.
Internet Explorer
1. Navigate to Tools | Internet Options | Security 
2. Highlight "Local Intranet"
3. Click "Custom level" and scroll down the box to Enable "Display Mixed Content" and check this box.

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