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Issue about Custom Button and Link URL in Communities

Knowledge Article Number 000187202
Description In Partner Community, we are having issues with existing custom links and formula IMAGE references which we have configured as Relative.

i.e. Formula field to display image on page layout
IMAGE("/servlet/servlet.ImageServer?id=01520000001bBOb&oid=00Dg00000006REz", "ABCDE",20,20)

Custom link or button to redirect to a report.

Please Note: 00O200000052erf is a report ID.

Issue is, since relative URL is directing to but the actual report URL in community is (With the community URL /partnercomm at the end). So when click on link in partner community you’ll get messenger on page saying:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is under construction
Stay tuned. Please email us if you need to get in touch.


What is the solution to make these buttons and links work in communities?
Resolution Solution:
In formula field (image on page layout), solution is to remove the "/" to make it work.
e.g. IMAGE("servlet/servlet.ImageServer?id=01520000001bBOb&oid=00Dg00000006REz", "ABCDE",20,20)
In custom button or link URL, add “..” in front of the “/” in URL.

e.g. ../00O200000052erf

Please Note: 00O200000052erf is a report ID.

Tested with multiple communities (e.g. URL partnercomm and gpcomm) and it’s working fine.

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