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What real time information can Support provide customers with during deployments?

Knowledge Article Number 000187233
Description We are performing a deployment and would like Support to monitor it and let us know which test methods are failing or what SOQL queries are slow and could be improved.
  • Starting in Winter '14, you can get real time error message details while a deployment is in-progress using the Metadata API and the Migration Tool if you use the latest version of the Migration Tool (version 29.0 or above). With this information, you can decide to cancel a deployment in-progress, fix an issue and re-start the deployment
  • Additionally, deployment logs can be obtained by following the instructions described in the "Checking the Status of a Task" section of the Migration Tool (
Please read below what Salesforce Support can help you with today if you are entitled to Developer Support.

What Support can do:

  • Can let you know if the deployment is still running. Please notice deployment time may vary as it will depend on several factors:
    • load on the app server and db tiers
    • locking required to run test methods (e.g. during peak hours there might be some contention due to your end users using the app and test methods that require access to the org's data, etc.)
    • amount of changes to the sharing model, which will require considerable processing time to recalculate visibility
  • Can help you retrieve deployment logs for deployments performed through the Metadata API (e.g. using the Migration Tool or the IDE) after the deployment has completed.
  • Can help you analyze the deployment logs to understand error messages or find how to optimize slow SOQL queries you found in your deployment logs.
  • Can investigate any internal server error messages and escalate to our R&D organization accordingly.

What Support can't do:

  • Can't provide deployment logs for deployments performed via Change Sets.
  • Can't estimate the remaining time for a deployment to complete.
For more information on how to monitor deployments, please refer to this article: Monitoring Deployments

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