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Page Layout assignments getting set to "Not Assigned" during deployment

Knowledge Article Number 000187235
Description After Deployment using ANT or IDE, you might see the Page Layout Assignments missing and showing as "Not Assigned" for certain profiles and Record Types for any SObject.
Resolution Ideally, the Profiles which are being deployed, should be retrieved along-with the Record Types as well as Page Layouts in a single transaction. So, in other words, while retrieving the Deployment Payload from the Source Org, you must extract these components at once : 

1. Profiles
2. RecordTypes (which is a part of Objects)
2. Page layouts.

This will result in the following XML being retrieved as a part of Profile file : 


The presence of these <layoutAssignments> tags result in the assignments of the Page Layouts.

If it doesn't contain these Tags, the system will not able to find any references for the Layout Assignment. It will replace all the changes according to the info which was provided in the deployment payload, and the Page Layout Assignments will be removed due to this. 

So, it is Working As Designed (WAD) if the Page Layouts Assignments get removed during deployment, if  <layoutAssignments> tags are not part of the Profile file(s).

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