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Register a custom Bitly domain in Buddy Media

Knowledge Article Number 000187248
You can register your custom Bitly domain to shorten the links that are sent in your social posts. Custom Bitly domains are added at the client level by Channel Admins.  Each client can have one custom Bitly domain added to it.  After your custom domain is added to Buddy Media, all links from ConversationBuddy, ProfileBuddy, ReachBuddy, and ConversionBuddy  will shorten and display using the custom domain registered in your client . 

To add a custom Bitly domain as a Channel Admin:

1. Log in to your Buddy Media channel.
2. Click Your Name Admin.
3. Click Clients.
4. Locate the client name that will have the custom short domain added to it
5. Click on the client name or the grey gear to the right of the client name.
6. Click Settings
7. Click Edit Settings
8. Enter your Bitly details into the login (username), API Key, and the Custom Short URL fields.
Ensure that you enter the custom domain only. Do not include http://.
9. Click Save.

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