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Resend a welcome email in Buddy Media

Knowledge Article Number 000187281
If you are a Channel Admin, you can resend the Welcome Email to users that did not set up their password before their link expired. The link contained in Welcome Emails expires after five days. A new Welcome Email must be sent so users in your channel can set up their password. If a user has already set up a password and needs a new one, a password reset link must be sent. 
To resend a welcome email:

1. In your Buddy Media channel, click [Your Name] | Admin.
2. Click Users.
3.  Locate the user in the list who needs a new Welcome Email sent.
4.  Click on the user's name.
5.  Under "Account Status" click Send Welcome Email.
The users status must be Unconfirmed to send the Welcome Email. If the user's status is Enabled, you must click Reset Password under "Password" to send a password reset link. 


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